Trying to make it through

This is my experiences dealing with having a DUI in Florida and how it effects me and my family

I have no idea what happened with my court date because the public defender has not contacted me. ugh. ive called and emailed him. DUI class is not fun but thankfully over tomorrow. i got a ticket it seems for careless driving tho i did not sign it, it wasnt posted till my first court date and its a different case number so who knows what that means. ugh and now m dad is hammered and making shit terrible. being a dick to my mom screaming at us both about how shitty i am and all my friends are. calling my friend a liar cause she flipped her car and is hurt badly, wanting ‘proof’ of it. i swear the moment i can get out of here, i am. ffs this whole thing keeps getting worse and worse, im so over all of it.

Well court took forever and turns out there was someone I knew there. Small world. But now have a public defender working my case. Fingers crossed things go well. Hoping we can get it reduced to reckless driving. It doesnt look to well because of how high I blew, .210, but we can always hope. I have court again Sept 23 so we will see how it goes. Still have no idea how  long I will have to wear this scram bracelet tho which really sux

SO I have court tomorrow and im so nervous about it I could puke. I really have no idea what to expect and will just ask for a public defender and see what happens. I just keep randomly wanting to cry. ugh I just want things to go back to normal. Shit I just want to drive again.

I know that I’m the one who fucked everything up. I’m making life hard on myself and my family. I am depressed and miserable and completely useless right now. I think about this all day everyday now. So I don’t get why my dad thinks talking down to me will make this situation any better. I’m trying to help as much as I can, but I can only do so much

So far….

Last tuesday night I get arrested for a DUI. It was not fun. There were a lot of tears on my part. Jail was not pleasant, but people were nice enough. I slept a lot and did not eat. Court was even worse as I had to be shackled and face my dad seeing me like that. more tears. I plead not guilty and my dad was able to bond me out. but not before the judge decided to put a Scram bracelet on me. Its to make sure im not drinking any alcohol. Its uncomfortable and makes sleeping very difficult. It cost $130 to put on and $84 a week to have it. I have no idea how long i must wear this. I cant drive right now either. Which fucking blows. I have court monday but cant afford an attorney so I hope to be appointed and Public Defender and see where it goes from there